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khoule creative offers educational workshops in all aspects of Video Production and Editing.

If you are interested in a particular topic not listed here please contact and we can arrange to meet your needs.

Some of our Current Workshops

Intro to Scriptwriting – Write a Short Film in 4 Weeks

Do you want to write a screenplay but don't know where to start? Are you working on a film idea and want to maximize the potential of your story? Do you have a film script that you would like to develop into a final draft and aren't sure of how to format it?

Then this workshop has been designed for you.

Find out:

What makes a story work on screen?

Is there a recipe for writing movies?

What is the best way to show story through dialogue?

A “must-attend” workshop for writers of all levels and interests! Blending heaps of information, writing exercises, and improvisation, this workshop is highly beneficial for all story writers. Best of all you will finish this workshop with a finished short film script.

For more details or to register call Maryann at The Ginger Press 519 375 4233

Script Writing

Digital Video Production for Beginners

Want to make movies? This Workshop will show you how to plan, shoot and edit your own masterpieces. You will learn how to share your movie on DVD, the web and virtually anywhere else.

But beware! Once you know the secrets of filmmaking, watching a movie will never be the same again! You will notice things like camera angles, the use of mood music, continuity and transitions.

Introduction to Video Editing

This course is aimed at the beginner. You will learn the basics of video editing. By the end of the course learners will be able to edit their own visuals and sound into a presentable video package and to export the video into various formats.

Easy, Cheap, Animated Cartoon in 10 Minutes

With some basic drawing skills, a white board, a camera, and free editing software you can create a simple cartoon in under 10 minutes.

Create Your Own Family Memory DVD

Learn how easy it is to make a DVD of al your family moments.


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