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Are you looking for guitar or bass lessons? Are you a beginner or someone stuck in a rut?

I can help. With over 30 years of guitar experience, I offer lessons in acoustic or electric guitar, bass, composition, arranging and more to both children and adults. I specialize in working with beginners and those whose playing has reached a plateau and want to break through the barriers that are keeping them stuck.

Working from an extensive array of education around music, social work, creativity, and other forms of play and improvisation I’ll design a custom made course of study that’s right for YOU. Whether it’s building a broad foundation of skills to take you to the next level, or just learning to spice up your favorite songs. I have expereince in rock/pop, folk, jazz, free imporvisation, slap bass, and fingerstyle.

Lessons are private and either a ½ or whole hour depending on your level.

Lessons can be audio or video taped for a fee.

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We are again accepting students. Get results with a fun and well-organized curriculum. With in studio or optional 'at home' lessons and, if needed, guitar/bass supplied, "learning to teach yourself guitar" has never been easier.

Kids Guitar Lessons in Owen SOund

Teaching Philosophy

At the heart my philosophy is to help others realize for themselves their true potential creativity, wisdom, skill and knowledge and to bring it forth into the world. Because music is a creative act, the education of music will always be for me a challenge that I feel passionate about. How rewarding it is to witness a student bravely come to terms with their obstacles and shortcomings, and to turn them into gifts by assisting them with strategies that are tailored to their situation and their background. Over time, it becomes apparent that the students learn how to be their own teacher, and the teacher learns as much about the act of learning as the students!

When I teach, I teach with the whole of music in mind. Theory, notation, improvisation, composition, ear training, memorization, technique, and historical considerations are a few of the faculties that are taken into consideration in such a holistic approach.

It is important to introduce students to creativity through practicing useful and enjoyable techniques. People learn and want very different things from a guitar teacher. But there are many common needs and the solutions are in the explanations, making the same information clear to a beginner and showing the path for exploration to those who wish to follow it.

Every student should get an understanding of WHY things work and HOW the information can be applied to "real" playing. This enables their own creativity to explore the relationships between scales, arpeggios and chords for themselves and develop their own harmonic knowledge and unique voice. These connections need to be taught at a basic level because some people have trouble making the connections themselves. Luckily the depths that these relationships can be taken is endless so those that connect things quicker can explore deeper on their own, while the less serious musician can put the information to immediate practical use. A serious music scholar who wants to make music at a professional level has very different needs to someone happy to be a bedroom strummer and they need a different education. For the bedroom strummer the how and why needs only to practical and useful examples, but hopefully they can be inspired to continue their education and knowledge for their own enjoyment.

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