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Promotional Videos

Video is an effective tool that can be used to publicize a product or event, increase public awareness of your business or organization, or to promote sales.

We can assist you in creating a concept or developing a script that uniquely captures your company’s mission or message in an informative and compelling manner.

The Digital Advantage

We take advantage of the latest digital technology to create engaging videos at a low cost. Creating high quality video once involved hiring an expensive production facility with a full crew of operators and editors, requiring big budgets and a lengthy turn around.

In this remarkable digital age, we can now provide the same high-end video, using only a fraction of the equipment, personnel and time required for video production in the past, resulting in increased efficiency and considerable savings to you.

Sales/Product Demonstration

Invest in a one time sales video or product demonstration that can be shown at tradeshows, distributed on DVD, emailed to clients or posted on your website.


Attract quality employees or students by highlighting the advantages your company or organization has to offer. Provide specialized training or orientation, conveying important goals and standards vital to the success of your company. We can assist you in developing a script that will reflect your company’s values and define expectations for your employees.

Event Promotion

Set a dramatic tone for your next big event. We can help you to develop a concept that will generate a sense of excitement surrounding your special occasion. Email your promotional video to your client list and “the buzz” for your event will grow as the video is forwarded to other friends and family members.

A creative concept combined with sophisticated motion graphics will effectively advertise your event and leave a lasting impression on your viewers.

Company Profile

Create a video profile of your company, a five-to-fifteen minute documentary that outlines your company’s strengths and articulates your company’s mission.

Fundraising Video

Communicate your message and inspire your audience to generously support your cause. We can create a video that powerfully illustrates the impact that monetary contributions can have toward the realization of your altruistic goal. Show your contributors first-hand the difference that they can make in the lives of those in need of their support.

Online Video

Create a video that can be used on your website or distributed online. Watch our three-minute Online Video clip to find out why online video is one of the fastest growing segments of Internet marketing today.

Online Web Video


A creative and unique educational video is a persuasive and effective teaching tool. We will create an original educational video on nearly any subject.

An educational video is the perfect way to explain a particular subject to an audience while keeping their interest and helping them to visualize the concepts you want to communicate.

Our staff will work closely with your school or organization to produce an educational video that meets your high expectations.

Our educational videos use a combination of narration, b-roll, interviews, graphics, and music to help convey your subject matter.

We can edit the video to any length of your choosing and transfer it to nearly any medium including, DVD, CD-ROM, or any professional tape format.

Producing a creative and unique educational video is certain to stand out in your viewers minds and is clearly an amazing teaching and persuasive tool.


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